Residential Services

We provide a full range of residential services, from review of architectural drawings to preparation of structural framing plans for new homes and additions.  

McCon Engineering’s reputation for quality structural design is well-established.

We have long-standing relationships with well-known architects Vincent Greene, Jonathan Rivera, and Michael P. Dolce, and custom home builders Lynbrook of Annapolis and Pyramid Builders who have come to appreciate the quality of our engineering design and the clarity of the construction documents we produce.

When licensed home improvement contractors like Highland Renovations and Maryland Homecrafters call us about a project, we meet with them at the site to discuss the required structural modifications.

Services for Residential Architects & Home Builders

Structural Design

Permit Documents

House Additions & Deck Designs

Load Bearing Wall & Column Removal

Condition Assessment

Framing Certification & Inspection Review

Representative Residential Projects

Process Overview

When McCon Engineering is added to the design team early in the project, we can provide formative structural guidance to the conceptual design, including joist span, bearing point locations, and general construction direction.


Step 1

Once the architectural drawings are approved, we generate structural framing plans of each level; this becomes the basis for our final framing design.

We calculate the loads from the roof and carry them down through each floor level to the foundation.


Step 2

We then consider lateral forces due to wind and seismic loading, and develop details to show the interconnection of the structural work with the architectural elements.

We maintain communication with the design team throughout the process to assure that our drawings are properly coordinated with the architectural design.


Step 3

After issuing the drawings for permit/construction, we remain available to respond to field questions, unforeseen conditions, design changes, etc., to assure the successful and satisfactory completion of the project.